Annual service on water treatment system

We attended site to carry out an annual service on their water treatment system. This system was designed and installed by us a number of years ago. 

The customer, a working farm, initially made contact to ask our advice on reducing sodium & flouride levels in their borehole supply. The sodium levels were at 225mg/l (regulation limit 200mg/l) and the flouride was at 2.8mg/l (regulation limit 1.5mg/l)

The farm already had a water softener on site to help combat their hard water problem, so removing the water softener, to reduce sodium levels, was not an option.

The only way to reduce flouride levels is to use reverse osmosis. As we couldnt remove the water softener, reverse osmosis was the perfect solution to also reduce to sodium levels.

As with all systems, maintenance is imperative, so we attend site every year to carry out a service on their water treatment system.

We are very happy to say that this customer has had zero issues with their water quality since.


Borehole water supply for farm/agricultural use:-

If you have a farm with a borehole and are having problems with your water quality, please get in touch.

Prosep Filter Services are specialists in water treatment for private water supplies and are happy to offer free advice.




Water Testing

The starting point for any water treatment design is a representative water analysis that is complete and accurate. Using a UKAS Accredited Laboratory. Two of our engineers, here at Prosep Filter Services, have undergone formal training and are now certified to carry out water sampling to UKAS accredited standards.

Existing Systems

At Prosep Filter Services we have taken on many Water Treatment Systems installed by other companies like ourselves. We are always happy to work with new customers. 

Hard Water

Any water supply that has a high mineral content, may be classed as hard water. The most common minerals that cause hard water are calcium and magnesium. These minerals are picked up by water, as it passes through (typically) limestone rocks, on its way down into the water table.

Iron & Manganese Reduction

Prosep Filter Services offer various sizes of systems to remove iron and manganese from your private water supply. We have technical experts on hand to help resolve any problems you may have with your borehole or spring water supply.