Water Treatment Media

Water Treatment Media

We offer a wide range of media designed for water treatment. Each is generally specific for it’s duty and some may be used in conjunction with other medias to enhance performance.


PH correction; water softening; nitrate reduction; particulate removal; arsenic; taste; odour & colour improvement.

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Additional Information

PH Correction

For water where acidity is so longer than pH=6.5 we use a calcium carbonate based media. Where pH is lower than 6.5 we will boost this media with a 25% mix of magnesium salt which is much stronger at pH correction.

Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulphide

For general use we prefer a manganese dioxide based media. If this is to work satisfactorily on Manganese, the pH must be over 8. This media backwashes with water and has an extended life. We can also use anion/cation mixes. These work with dissolved iron at lower concentrations. They regenerate using brine and we need to consider the raw water sodium level.

 Water Softening

Hard Water occurs when salts of Calcium and Magnesium are found in water. These salts are removed by ion exchange where calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium. Softener resins are regenerated using a brine solution. This releases sodium back into the water. For this reason on drinking water we have to be aware of the raw water hardness. Softener resin may also be used to remove iron and manganese at lower concentrations

Nitrate Removal

Particularly in agricultural areas nitrate may be found in ground source water in concentrations above the prescribed limits. We offer a resin based media for reduction of nitrate in drinking water. This is an ion exchange based media which is regenerated with a brine solution.

Particulate Removal

We have two grades of filter media that are designed specifically for particulate removal. Filter Ag has a high surface area for trapping dirt and will remove particles to 20 microns. Turbidex will remove particles as fine as 5 microns, but requires a higher backwash flow rate. It is a naturally occurring mineral giving higher flow rates than sand or filterag. All medias for particle removal backwash using water.


We offer a proprietary branded Bayoxide media for arsenic removal. This is the same media used by municipal water companies.

Taste, Odour & Colour

We have different grades of carbon, the choice will be made on application. Natural charcoal is best for heavy metals and colour removal. Activated carbon from coconut shells is best for chlorine and taste removal.