Glossary: Filtration Technical Terms

Prosep Filter Services appreciate that some of the terms and jargon used regarding private water supplies and filtration can be off-putting, so we’ve compiled a list of common terms. We hope you find it useful to learn more about your private water supply.

AQUIFERA naturally occurring underground water source
BACKWASHA flow reversal through a composite vessel that flushes away to waste any collected material
BACKWASH VALVEA normally motorised valve, which directs water flow either to service or to waste
BOREHOLEA hole drilled into the ground to access water stored in natural aquifers
BRINEA salt solution used to regenerate some filter medias
BRINE TANKA container used to hold a mixture of salt tablets and water
CARBON CARTRIDGEA normally disposable filter used to remove organics or chlorine. Improves water taste
COMPOSITE VESSELA vessel designed to contain water treatment media
DOWNFLOWThe direction of flow downwards through a composite vessel
FILTER CARTRIDGEA normally disposable element that removes particulate
FILTER HOUSINGA vessel normally suitable for operating at pressure which contains a filter cartridges
FILTRATEThe pure water stream from an RO membrane
FLOWRATEThe volume of water measured in litres per hour that your system will produce
GRAVELUsed to create a volume of water at the bottom of a vessel for correct water distribution through the media bed
HARD WATERWater containing high levels of Calcium and Magnesium. Causes limescale build up and prevents soap from foaming
HYDROGEN SULPHIDEA gas that smells of rotten eggs. Removed either by oxidising the gas or absorption in carbon
MEDIAA type of mineral used to filter out impurities from a raw water supply
PERMEATEThe concentrated salts solution passing from the reject side of a reverse osmosis membrane
PH CORRECTIONNormally a method of increasing water pH from acidic to neutral range. Neutral water has a pH of= 7
PREFILTERA filter normally fitted before a UV system to remove particulate up to 5 microns
PRESSURE GAUGEA way of reading the pressure in the system
PRESSURE SWITCHA mechanism that reads the pressure in a system, turning on and off the pump when needed
PRESSURE VESSELA pressurised container that acts as a buffer to maintain the flow rate out of your tap
PRESSUREThe amount of energy stored in an enclosed system
QUARTZ SLEEVEA quartz glass tube that protects the UV lamp from coming into contact with water
REVERSE OSMOSISA process that passes water over a semi permeable membrane to remove impurities
RISER TUBEA tube inside a composite vessel that allows water to pass up and down
SOFTENERA system that removes hardness from water. Removes typically Calcium and Magnesium
ULTRA VIOLETA spectrum of visible light that destroys bacteria. Short wavelength, high energy
ULTRA VIOLET LAMPA fluorescent tube type lamp that generates ultra violet light. Generates light in the range 250 - 270 nanometres
UPFLOWThe direction of flow upwards through a composite vessel
WATER DEMANDThe amount of water that is needed to run heating systems, showers, etc

private water supply filtration
Spring water filtration system Halifax
Borehole water treatment designed to remove iron, manganese and hardness. Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

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