UV-Pro 1

Prosep UV-PRO 1

A compact, pre-built system for domestic use, easily installed by user.

Only necessary to make a connection to the water supply in and out.
Ideal for under-sink mounting.

Prosep UV Pro 1 - for 2-3 people and above

Power provided by simply plugging into standard 13 amp socket.
Automatic shutdown in the event of UV lamp failure.
Automatic shutdown in the event of power failure.
Features an alarm, alerting user of failed UV light.
Only water that has been treated passes to the taps
Flow rate = 20 litres/minute. 
(For 30 litres/minute see the Prosep UV-Pro2; for 40 litres/minute see the Prosep UV-Pro3.)


Kills bacteria and filters the water supply. One household/property only – up to 3 people. 

Additional Information

This system has the added benefit of a control system, that will automatically shut off the water supply, should either the lamp or the power fail. This gives the user a very clear indication that there has been a problem. No untreated water will pass through the taps once the system has being shut off. 

All units can be mounted on a backboard (these are chargeable), with a waterproof facing, which means they are ready to fix directly onto a wall. The UV-PRO 1 is compact, so that under-sink mounting is possible. This system is ideal for small properties (up to 3 people).                   

The system is pre-prepared to allow very quick installation. 

Features and Benefits
  • Stainless steel 10 bar rated chamber
  • Hours countdown
  • Lamp running hours
  • Lamp fail alarm
  • End of lamp life alarm
  • Automatic shutdown on lamp failure
  • Automatic shutdown on power failure
  • Included pre-filter
  • Only water that has been treated passes to the taps

Lamp Change: annually
Quartz Change: annually
Seal Kit Change: annually
Pre-filter Change: 6-monthly