Our customer approached us shortly after purchasing a picturesque house in the stunning Yorkshire Dales. The customer wanted to remove colour from the spring water supply.
The property’s water supply came from a spring, located some distance away, which then fed a nearby water collection tank. Unfortunately, this tank didn’t provide sufficient pressure and flow rate for proper backwashing, necessitating the need for a clean water backwash. Our innovative solution utilizes the water in the tank to effectively flush out the contaminants being removed by the filtration process.
Furthermore, we discovered high levels of bacteria, including cryptosporidium, which required multiple stages of filtration to ensure its complete removal.

The Solution

Optimizing one of the spacious outbuildings, we strategically rerouted the water supply to this location. Our team implemented a UV treatment process that effectively treated the water into the tank. Additionally, we incorporated a large UV unit after the tank to provide an extra layer of protection against breakthrough. This secondary UV unit automatically shuts off the water supply if the lamp fails or there is a power cut, guaranteeing continuous safety.
Given the size and weight of the installation, including two UV units, pre-filters, and the tank, we laid a flat concrete base to support the entire system’s weight. To ensure easy and secure fixture of the filtration and pipework, we erected an 18mm marine ply backboard.
To prevent water stagnation, we designed the filtration system to circulate the water through the UV and pre-filter every 2-3 days, as well as clean the filter media. We also equipped the system with a brilliant variable speed booster pump. This pump was connected via a manifold, which ensures uninterrupted water flow and enables future supply to a potential holiday let without any reduction in performance.
Thanks to the installed filtration system, we are successfully removing colour, sediment, and bacteria from the spring water supply.

Other Remarks

In addition to providing a comprehensive solution and exceptional service, we took the time to guide our customer through a short training session on problem-solving and carrying out bi-annual servicing. This not only helps them save on costs but also empowers them to maintain the system efficiently. With the complex nature of this project, we, Prosep Filter Services, are immensely proud of the successful outcome and our customer’s satisfaction.

Useful Info

Redirecting water from the source

This project serves as an exemplary case where redirecting the water source to a new location resolved inherent problems within the existing system. The team handled all aspects of the redirection and filtration installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient solution.

What is “backwash”?

“Backwash” refers to the process of reversing the flow of water through a vessel in order to flush away any collected materials during the filtration process.

Products used on this project:

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