Water testing samples

Private Water Supply Testing/Sampling

A fundamental starting point for any water treatment design is a representative water analysis that is complete and accurate. The best way to ensure this is to use UKAS accredited samplers and a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Here at Prosep Filter Services, our engineers are UKAS accredited. This means we follow certain procedures to give you a water analysis certificate which will be accepted by all regulatory and financial bodies. These may include mortgage lenders and local authorities. Accreditation assesment is carried out and UKAS registration numbers are issued by the Drinking Water Inspectorate who dictate all private water supply regulations throughout the UK.



If you are buying a house with no mains water there will, usually (if the house has been previously inhabited), be a private water supply to the property. In recent months we have a seen a big increase in mortgage lenders requesting proof that this water supply is safe to drink. As we have UKAS Accredited samplers who follow UKAS procedures when sampling, our water analysis reports will always be accepted by any financial/government institution.

If you need your water testing for any of the following reasons, please get in touch:-

  • Mortgage approval
  • Re-mortgaging
  • holiday lets (some holiday let companies require proof of water quality)
  • local authority require proof of water quality


To read the 2016 Private Water Supply Regulations in full, click here.

For information on a Regulation 10 supply (Single Domestic Dwelling), click here. 

To view information on a Regulation 9 supply which relates to Commercial / Public / Shared supplies, click here.


Do I Need to Test my Private Water Supply?

Yes, click here to find out why.