Useful Information about Private Water Supplies

If you’ve just moved into a property and it’s the first time you’ve relied on a private water supply, things can be quite daunting. With that in mind we’ve collected some general information – along with questions we are often asked about Prosep itself – which we hope will explain things in a clear and concise way, without too much jargon.

We’ve also compiled a glossary of terms which you can find here.

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General Private Water Supply FAQs

What is a private water supply?

A private water supply is any source of water that is not provided to you by the local council water board.

Is it really unsafe to drink unfiltered water?

Yes but it does depend on what is present in the raw water. You may not get ill from drinking your own water as your body will have built up an immunity to the bacteria. Children, guests and the elderly are the ones that are most likely to fall ill from drinking untreated water that does not comply with the current drinking water regulations.

What is UV?

Ultra Violet light is what we use to kill all types of bacteria in your water, its the best way to ensure your water is safe and free from bacteria that can cause illnesses.

Our UV Product page.

What do you mean by "media"?

Media is what we put inside the filter vessels, its a combination of the Media and the Backwash Valve that cleans your water up to, or better than the standard of mains water. To view our Water Treatment Media page, click here.

Am I legally obliged to have a water filtrations system in place?

The short answer is YES, the Private Water Supply Regulations say all water that is used for human consumption should be at a standard equal to or better than mains water. To ensure the safety of those consuming your water it is recommended that a water analysis is carried out on your supply, this analysis will tell you if your water is safe to consume, if not then it will tell us what needs to be removed and filtered out to make it safe and comply with regulations.

What is the 5% or 0% VAT charge for new build properties or older property renovations?

If your building qualifies, we will reduce the VAT we charge you, give us a ring and find out if we can save you money.

We've been drinking untreated water for some time without realising it. Are we likely to be affected in any way?

If you have any concerns regarding your health please consult a medical expert. There are indications that certain metallic contamination may cause harm if ingested long term. You should always ensure that you have water supplied to current regulations. Especially with elderly or children/babies in the property.

Does filtering alter the taste of water?

It may do. We aim to make your water ultimately taste better, we do not use media that would leave any adverse taste in the water after filtration. Removing iron will certainly improve taste, but taste is a very personal opinion.

What are common problems regarding unfiltered water?

Many things can give you signs that your water needs filtration including:

  • Orange/discoloured water
  • Furring up of your kettle and shower head
  • Washing machine and dishwasher breaking down
  • Leaks in pipe work or tap fittings
  • Blue/green staining
  • Orange staining
  • Slight smell of egg
  • Strong egg smell (You will know the difference trust us!)
  • Cloudy water
  • Dirty water on heavy rainfall
  • Hair colour changing (mainly blonde hair)
  • Little or no water flow
  • Soap not lathering
Does our filtration system need servicing every 6 months?

We follow manufacturers guidelines in order to stop the systems from breaking down. We have found with maintenance the systems tend to last a lot longer than systems we get called out to that are not yet serviced by us.

Why You Should Service Your Water Filtration System.

Can untreated water damage washing machines and pipes etc?

Yes it can. Acid present in your water will eat away at your metal, brass and copper fittings especially your hot water cylinder. Washing machines and dishwashers can also be affected by the hardness of the water, all things we can help you out with.

Do business and domestic water supplies have different regulations?

No – if the water is for human consumption or comes into contact with food or containers for food then the Private Water Supply Regulations are the same for both, if you have any questions give us a ring and we will try and make things clear for you.

I supply more than one property from my borehole/spring. What are my legal responsibilities?

For commercial applications and multiple dwelling installations the requirement is that you carry out a risk assessment at least once every 5 years. You will also have a legal responsibility to have the water tested. The frequency of test will depend upon the volume of water per day drawn from the source. These rules apply to holiday lets, camp sites, B&B, pubs & restaurants etc.

What is a Borehole?
The simple terms a borehole is a hole drilled into the ground down to the water table in order to extract water. It may have to pass through several different layers of substrate before it meets the water table, the depth of the water table is variable for each location. To read more information, click here.

Prosep FAQs

What is our catchment area?

Our general area is within a one-hour drive from our base in Elland (West Yorkshire), but on arrangement we can travel further afield to you.

How long does it take to install a system?

It really depends on the size of the system you require, on average it will take a full day to install, we can replace and install a new filtration system within two days, we try our best to keep your water running for as long as we can before we connect your new system.

Does Prosep maintain or repair systems previously installed by other companies?

Yes we do. We will need to carry out a water analysis or see one that has been done in the last 6 to 12 months on your water to make sure that what you have got is up to date. We can get almost any system working mechanically. Our aim is to always ensure that you have safe drinking water. If your filtration system does not provide you with safe water, we will advise on any corrective action recommendations.

In an emergency will you be able to help as soon as possible and be with me within 24 hours?

Yes we will do our very best to help you out. Our mobile number for an emergency call out is: 07896799380, if you do not get an answer, then leave a message so we know your situation as soon as we see the missed call.

Are you available over Bank Holidays and Christmas?

Yes we are available this time of the year, because you still need water on these days. Our number for these days should you need us is: 07896 799380, if you do not receive an answer, then leave us a message so we know your situation as soon as we see the missed call.

Does our filtration system need servicing every 6 months?

We follow manufacturers guidelines in order to stop the systems from breaking down. We have found with maintenance, the systems tend to last a lot longer than systems we get called out to that are not yet serviced by us.

Why You Should Service Your Water Filtration System.

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Did you know...?

Up to 6% of the UK population is supplied by private water supplies. Industry and agriculture usage is even higher.

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Did you know...?

A private water supply can extract up to 20,000 litres of water per day with no licence or planning permission required.

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Did you know...?

Private water supply installation may save up to 80% of the comparable cost of mains water supplies.

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Save money!

Service contract customers receive a discount on parts used during services. Regular servicing maintains the proper operation of the system and helps to prevent emergency call-outs and inconvenient breakdowns (always happens at the weekend) Call us today!