spring water supply

What is a Spring?

A spring is a natural outflow of water from an underground supply to the ground surface.


How do i collect Spring water?

In order to provide a supply that is suitable for drinking or treating, the spring water supply will need to be collected. This is often by means of a tank or cistern that is buried in the ground close to the source of the spring supply. A pipe then supplies from this storage vessel to the point of use or treatment.


Problems encountered with a Spring water supply: –

The most common issues with a spring water supply is that the collection vessel at source may silt up, this will then need to be flushed or cleaned out.
Spring supplies can also dry up, which may be due to a drought or it may be caused by natural disruption (or even third-party disruption) to the water supply.
If the source is not protected then contamination of the supply may occur, usually this is from animal faeces introducing bacteria into the water supply.
Surface water which runs off into the supply might also put agricultural chemicals (nitrate) into the spring supply


Drinking Water from a Spring water supply: –

It is not often that we find a spring water supply that complies with statutory drinking water regulations straight from the ground.
The water should be tested to determine what deviations there are from the prescribed standards. For peace of mind, an accredited laboratory should be used, to determine the condition of the raw water and then the treated water after the filtration equipment is installed.


Can i share my Spring water supply with my neighbour/s?

Your spring can be shared with multiple properties, be aware however, the volume of supply may vary the more users there are on the supply.


Do I need a water storage tank?

Every spring supply has different characteristics. Its dependent on the location, environment and output.
A water storage tank is not always necessary, but it will help to smooth out supply issues.


Can i drink boiled Spring water?

Boiling spring water will eliminate contamination caused by bacteria, however it will concentrate the mineral deposits such as sediment, lead and any pesticides that may be present.


How do I treat my Spring water supply?

A great spring supply only requires treatment to prevent contamination caused by bacteria. Treatment is very simple with a 5-micron sediment pre-filter and an Ultraviolet treatment unit. Our PRO series UV units cater for most domestic applications. Contamination by chemicals will require specific treatments.


Will my Spring require a pump?

No, not always. It will depend on the head of water pressure available from the source to the point of use. Every 10 meters in height difference from source to supply with provide 1 bar of pressure. For direct supply to any treatment there should be a device installed to eliminate water hammer.


Can Spring water supplies dry up?

Yes, they can. If it is known that a spring runs dry, then provisions should be made for water storage.