Carbon Units

Carbon Water Treatment

Carbon is used to absorb impurities from water. It is particularly good at removing chlorine, taste, odour and colour.

Carbon will adsorb typically up to 25% of its own weight of contaminants.



  • Chlorine

  • Hydrogen Sulphide

  • Colour

  • Taste

  • Odour

  • Organics

  • VOC (Volatile organic compounds)

  • THM (Tri Halo Methane)


Additional Information

Carbon is used to adsorb impurities from water. An activated carbon granule has a huge surface area, in fact, just 10 grams of carbon will have the surface area of a 2.5 football field. Since carbon acts by adsorbing, which means ‘collection on the surface’ you can see why surface area is so important.

This is 10 grams of Carbon Media


Carbon has been developed for water filtration to help reduce many different contaminants from your water supply. Carbon comes in many different forms, it may be coal based, produced from coconut shells and even made from bone char (not a vegan product).

Types of carbon-

  • Activated carbon (coal based) General water/ mains water

  • Activated carbon (coconut based) Higher efficiency activated carbon

  • Catalytic carbon Hydrogen sulphide removal/ rotten egg smell

  • Silver impregnated carbon Antibacterial properties stops bacteria breeding

  • Bone char carbon Heavy metals (lead, nickel, aluminium etc), colour reduction 

Carbon units are usually supplied with a backwashing valve. It is possible for water to create channels in the carbon bed and this allows water to pass quickly through the bed, preventing complete adsorption taking place. By reversing the flow rate through the bed, the bed is lifted and allowed to resettle thereby, closing off any channels. Air may be introduced during the backwash cycle to help gas give off any smells that may be trapped. The use of air can vastly improve the capacity of the carbon.

It is not financially viable to regenerate carbon in domestic or small industrial applications. Once the carbon is at its capacity, then the media bed must be changed.

Below is our Carbon Media