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Sediment Filter 

A Sediment Filter is needed when the water supply is cloudy or turbid. The particles in the borehole water will block plumbing systems, leave unsightly staining, may contain chemicals or bacteria. Turbid water may contain organic compounds, clays, metals such as iron and manganese. The easiest way to remove the particles, is by passing the water through a media where the particles get stuck and allowing clear water to flow through. The particles can be periodically ‘backwashed’ away to drain. 


Treat cloudy, dirty or highly turbid waters and remove rust or iron particles. 

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Turb 20

Turb 20 has an irregular surface area, providing a higher surface area, a more complex flow path for a highly efficient removal of suspended matter. This can lead to savings over traditional filter materials, such as sand as the equipment can be smaller. It is also lighter in weight which reduces backwash flow rate. It is slightly more expensive than sand and must be soaked for 24 hours before use.

Turb 5

Turb 5 is very similar to Turb 20, but is slightly heavier. It gives a finer level of filtration making it perfect for those applications, where we come across fine suspensions in the water. It also gives higher flow rates than Turb 20, but being heavier requires a higher backwash flow rate.

Below is our Sediment Media


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