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There are many reasons your water may smell, it is helpful to inform your filtration service provider of any change to your water supply.

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Smell is often an indicator that something is not right with your supply or your filtration system may need attention.
Your water smelling different to normal is a warning sign that something is wrong, getting your water tested is essential to solving the problem.

What does your water smell of?

Rotten eggs
-Hydrogen sulphide

We use Carbon Media to treat Hydrogen Sulphide.


-Sediment in collection tanks

-Stagnant water


Water Testing

The starting point for any water treatment design is a representative water analysis that is complete and accurate. Using a UKAS Accredited Laboratory. Two of our engineers have undergone formal training and are now certified to carry out water sampling to UKAS accredited standards.

Existing Systems

At Prosep Filter Services we have taken on many Water Treatment Systems installed by other companies like ourselves. We are always happy to work with new customers. Please get in touch to find out how Prosep Filter Services can assist with your private water supply.