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Water Treatment System | Halifax, West Yorkshire

This exceptional water treatment system efficiently filters water from a small reservoir located in the picturesque area of Halifax, West Yorkshire. The raw water pumped from the reservoir is unfortunately contaminated with iron, sediment, bacteria, and color, jeopardizing its quality and potability.

To combat this issue, our team of experts has installed a robust system specifically designed to tackle each of these contaminants effectively. The system incorporates multiple techniques, ensuring comprehensive water treatment and delivering clean, safe drinking water.

The color present in the raw water is removed through the utilization of a unique brine solution regeneration process. This innovative method removes any unwanted hues, leaving the water visually appealing and free from any unsightly discoloration.

The presence of iron in the water is skillfully addressed by employing an efficient manganese dioxide filtration process. This highly effective method precisely targets and removes iron particles. By removing the iron it prevents staining, clogging pipes and negatively impacting the water quality.

In addition, the system incorporates a specialized media that efficiently removes sediment through regular backwashing. By effectively capturing and flushing away sediment particles, this process ensures the longevity of the system and helps maintain optimal water flow at all times.

 Water Storage Tank

For complete peace of mind and ensuring the complete elimination of any bacterial contamination, we have installed a slimline 1000L tank equipped with pre and post UV filtration. This advanced filtration system utilizes UV light to neutralize and eliminate any harmful bacteria, providing you with water of the highest purity and safety.

Variable Speed Booster Pump

At the heart of this exceptional water treatment system lies the Esybox variable speed booster pump. With its powerful performance and intelligent design, this pump effortlessly supplies your entire household with the optimal water pressure. Whether it’s a refreshing shower, efficient cleaning or a reliable water supply for your appliances, the Esybox pump delivers the perfect water pressure consistently.


Existing Systems

At Prosep Filter Services we have taken on many Water Treatment Systems installed by other companies like ourselves. We are always happy to work with new customers. 

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