Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX2


The water supply for a new build barn, is from a nearby stream. It contains sediment, iron, manganese, colour, earthy taste and a lot of bacteria.

The Solution

We installed a submersible pump in the tank, which is 8m below the level of the property and 70m away from the filtration room.

A variable speed controller was installed to power the pump, which gives energy savings, plus improved flow rates and supply pressure.

The treatment comprises Sediment filtration followed by Ion exchange that reduces organics (colour), iron and manganese, followed by a 5 micron rated carbon filter, which removes the earthy taste.

Finally, a 45lpm UV is installed to eliminate the bacterial problem.

Other Remarks

The water was tested a year after the system was installed. The system still works perfectly.

Useful Info

Manganese – why is this a problem?

Manganese is an essential nutrient in very small amounts but too much can potentially cause serious health issues such as toxicity to the nervous system and Parkinsons-like symptoms – particularly in children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Is iron in water bad?

Over time iron in your water supply can cause discolouration and even affect laundry and crockery. The water can taste metallic and can even be detected in tea and coffee. Food cooked in water containing iron can turn dark and may also absorb the metallic flavour.

What’s so special about UV?

UV (ultra-violet) filtration will kill harmful bacteria the water and because it involves no chemicals it presents no long-term dangers to health which arguably may be present with other methods.

Streams and surface waters are likely to be of poorer quality. The quality of surface waters may show a strong seasonal variability.

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