Borehole water orange with iron – Halifax, West Yorkshire

This customer is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire and has a borehole water Supply. They reported iron staining in their sink/bathtub and orange water passing through to the taps.

The photograph of the UV pre-filter cartridge, above, shows quite clearly the iron which has built up on the cartridge. In this customer’s system, no iron should be reaching the UV prefilter.

There are many reasons why iron can break through a system. If iron is being removed by way of a water softener, then the main reason, for iron passing through the filtration, is that not enough salt is in the brine tank. These particular systems rely on a brine solution when backwashing (cleaning itself). Although these systems, generally, look after themselves, some systems do need customer input. Some filtration systems, which are installed to remove iron, require a certain level of pH. If maintenance of these types of water treatment systems were to lapse, iron would, again, rear its ugly head.

Regular servicing and maintenance are imperative to keep your system, mechanically, working. This customer has, our recommended, 6 monthly services. This service was delayed and the importance of keeping this system service to every 6 months became apparent, very quickly. The levels of iron in the raw borehole water are extremeley high and soon cause issues if the maintenance schedule slips.

Borehole water orange with iron is a very common problem and is an easy fix. If you have a problem with iron in your private water supply, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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