This North Yorkshire farm was having issues with iron and manganese in their borehole water.

The customer had a borehole filtration system installed a number of years ago but were still having problems with iron and manganese. Their existing system was only partially removing the iron and manganese. The residual iron was causing major problems on their farm in North Yorkshire.

We installed additional water treatment along with a new 5000L water storage tank. Their new tank allows the customer to store their filtered borehole water and gives them the option to switch back to mains water. This is ideal for people who carry out regular maintenance on their borehole. It means that this customer will never have to worry about their livestock being without water!

Due to the amount of iron in their raw supply and the amount of water coming into the borehole, we decided that it would be very beneficial for the filtration to use a clean water backwash facility. This means that, when the system goes into backwash, it will use clean water from the storage tank, rather than the heavily contaminated borehole water.

Now we have a farm who have filters that are backwashing correctly and providing them with the amount of water they require on a day to day basis.

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