A brief description

New Water Treatment System | Lancashire
This customer needed a treatment system to reduce the level of iron and to increase pH levels. The installation is in a large showroom for the clients private prestigious vehicle collection ~ working in the warm made a nice change!!

Full description

The system comprises of:-
• Turbidex unit
• Filox unit
Ph correction
Carbon filter
UV-PRO 1 auto shut-off

pH Correction

Water in which the pH is below 7 is acidic. Acidic water accelerates corrosion in pipe work, It can also cause staining on fittings in baths, sinks and other appliances. Water with a low pH can leave a distinctive ‘metallic’ taste when drunk.

Iron & Manganese Reduction

We offer a wide range of media designed for borehole water treatment. Each is generally specific for its duty and some may be used in conjunction with other medias, to enhance performance.

Water Testing

The starting point for any water treatment design is a representative water analysis that is complete and accurate. Using a UKAS Accredited Laboratory. Two of our engineers have undergone formal training and are now certified to carry out water sampling to UKAS accredited standards.

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