Borehole Water Supply, Marsden, Huddersfield

The Problem

One of our valued customers in Marsden, Huddersfield, recently reached out to us with concerns regarding the efficiency of their system. They noticed unsightly orange/brown staining on their fixtures and fittings, which had appeared over time. As they were about to embark on a renovation project, they wanted to address this issue before it became a recurring problem in their new bathroom design.

The Solution

Upon investigation, we discovered that their existing filtration system, was struggling to cope with the level of contamination in the raw water. The filtration, consisting of an Ion Exchange Crystal-Right unit, water storage tank, pre-filter, and UV unit, was being overwhelmed by the increase in iron content. The interior of the water storage tank showcased significant iron buildup, rendering the Crystal-Right unit ineffective. Additionally, the UV pre-filter and quartz sleeve were also coated with iron, compromising the bacterial disinfection process.

Based on the new analysis, we devised a comprehensive solution. Firstly, we installed a back-washing sediment filter designed to reduce particulates and oxidized iron. Considering the slight increase in pH levels caused by the Crystal-Right media, we incorporated a pH correction unit and upgraded the media to a low fouling Ion Exchange media. This not only removes iron, manganese, and softens the water but also offers increased capacity between regenerations and requires less salt for regeneration. The customer diligently cleaned the tank, and we replaced the UV pre-filter, UV lamp, and quartz sleeve to ensure optimal performance.

A thorough analysis of the treated borehole water confirmed the success of our solution.

Other Remarks

The newly implemented system, intsalled by Prosep Filter Services, now delivers clean water, solving the staining issue effectively. We strongly advise against relying on ‘multipurpose’ filtration systems that claim to perform multiple functions. Often, these solutions prove to be a false economy and fail to address specific water treatment requirements. Our preferred approach is utilising a single filter, designed to excel at its intended job.


Useful Info

What is hard water and is it really a bad thing?

Hard water has high mineral content and is formed when water passes through limestone and chalk. This is a natural process and common throughout the country.

Hard drinking water may have health benefits, but over time it leads to limescale buildup on kettles, water heaters and other appliances. This can be a serious problem for industry. A quick indicator that you are in hard water area is that soap will not foam as readily as with soft water.

Water softening is used to reduce hard water’s effects.