Borehole Filtration Service - Brewery, Lancashire

Experience our exceptional Borehole Filtration Service

At our recent site visit, we conducted a comprehensive system service on a well-established installation of 3 years. Our meticulous service involves thorough cleaning of each valve and replacement of mechanical parts. To ensure optimum performance, we replace all UV lights and quartz sleeves every 12 months, and provide the customer with spare filters for their convenience. Additionally, we check and top up brine tanks, and recharge pressure vessels if any pressure loss has occurred. As part of our commitment to quality, we take on-site water samples to ensure correct pH levels and assess water hardness, especially for systems with softeners.

This particular borehole filtration system was specially designed for a renowned Brewery in Lancashire. This robust system effectively mitigates the detrimental effects of manganese, iron, sediment, and hardness. Recognizing the importance of UV protection, we strongly recommend safeguarding any private water source to ensure the purity of drinking water, even when bacterial presence is undetected. With a remarkable capacity to handle flow rates of up to 6000 litres per hour, this borehole filtration system, for this brewery, ensures an abundant supply of water to meet the growing demand for their exquisite beers and ciders!

Rest assured, our system undergoes thorough servicing every 6 months, along with meticulous testing every 12 months. These regular maintenance practices guarantee the safety of the water used in their meticulous brewing process.

If you encounter water quality issues with your industrial process, whether it is borehole water or another private supply, we urge you to contact us without delay.

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