Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

PROSEP Water Filter Services - Based in Yorkshire, Serving the Country

Whatever your water filtration needs, we at Prosep can certainly help. With our years of experience you can be sure that you’ll get the best solution - and available at competitive prices.

We provide every aspect of private water supply treatment from the initial sinking of boreholes to the ongoing maintenance of the filtration systems we install.

One of our favourite sayings at Prosep is, "You cannot sell a man a good suit without first knowing his measurements."

We design your water filtration system based on data we gather from you and from a UKAS accredited water analysis.This tells us exactly what is in your water and what you need to filter out. Prosep work to the Private Water Supply Regulation specifications to ensure your water is at the standard or better than that of mains water.

So if you require a new installation you can be sure you'll have the best system for your circumstances.

And we don't like to just replace items that are broken like for like, we aim to find the reason why the system has failed and rectify the problem.

We try our best to make sure you have clean water to drink all the year round.

Who can benefit from PROSEP Water Filter Services' expertise?

Practically any private water source can be cared for and serviced by Prosep. Our experience covers all aspects of water filtration for private water supplies (including installation) serving domestic, commercial, agricultural sectors and a variety of business concerns such as camp sites and holiday lets. And even if we've not listed your circumstances here, we’re certain we’ll be able to find a way to help you.


Domestic supplies are a speciality and you and your family will be assured of a clean, safe water supply which satisfies all the criteria set out in the latest regulations.


We offer services for a range of commercial situations. From borehole drilling to essential servicing, we are here to help. And you could even make savings compared with mains water supply.


Strict standards are expected for agriculture. Additionally, significant savings can be made by drawing water from a borehole instead of using metered mains water for irrigating crops and watering livestock.


Camp sites and outdoor sports facilities often rely on private water supplies. We'll provide safe drinking water for the visiting public: good for business and perfect for your peace of mind.


Clean, safe drinking water is essential for holiday lets and other residential lettings. You can be confident that your visitors and residents will have the best water possible.

Borehole Drilling

Service IconWe are often asked if we can also arrange a borehole drilling service - and the answer is, "yes".

We work closely with established experts in the field and can provide a complete, personal service for the installation of your water supply - from start to finish.

24hr Response

Energency Service IconIf you have a serious problem our engineer will aim to be with you as quickly as possible. We understand the importance of your water supply and we are often on site within 24 hours. We can sometimes talk you through the problem over the phone so you have at least a temporary fix.

If you are having problems and urgently need help, please call Adam on his mobile for a quick response.

Engineer's mobile: 07896 799380

Service Options

Service IconWe can come out to you and service your system on a one-off basis but we do recommend that you take out a service contract with us. Benefits include priority service, regular checks and a significant overall saving.

To read more about Prosep private water supply service options click here.

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Did you know..?

Filter systems need regular checkups - at least twice a year. If they’re not checked then their effectiveness can often be compromised. If you’re in any doubt as to when you last had your filters serviced, please call us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Frequently Asked Question icon

We appreciate that the subject of private water supplies can be overwhelming, particularly if you've just taken over a property that relies on it and you've not previous experience. Our FAQs page is here to help
Visit the FAQs page.

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Personal service

We'll always find the best solution for YOU. We never cut corners or compromise on quality of parts or service - but equally, you can rest assured that we'll never try and sell you something you don't need. See how we can help you in the services section.

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Save money!

Did you know that new builds and properties unoccupied for over ten years may be eligible for VAT discount for installation of private water supplies? Read more in the services section.

Based in Yorkshire - serving the country

We are based in Elland, West Yorkshire (between Huddersfield and Halifax, only 1 mile from J24 of the M62). Normally we work with clients within a 1-hour drive of our headquarters. However, we do have clients as far away as Scotland - so if you need something special, please get in touch and we'll see how we can help.