Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

What we offer and how we can help you

Spring and borehole supplies can harbour harmful bacteria and filtration and treatment is of paramount importance. We can make sure that you have a constant, consistently safe water supply for you and your family all year round.

We offer a range of services and options to ensure that your system is operating at its best. From drilling boreholes to filter maintenance, we provide a complete service at competitive prices for a variety of situations including domestic and commercial environments.

All work is carried out by our fully insured and experienced engineer using only tried and tested products and spares - and all work is fully guaranteed.

We've tried to make the information as clear and free from jargon and technical terms as possible but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and helpful staff.

What a customer can expect

We offer a friendly and helpful service backed up with over 30 years' experience in the filter trade. Customer satisfaction is a priority and once a customer has made a purchase from Prosep Filter Services they may call as many times as they wish to gain help and advice over the phone.

Free Site Survey

Information iconA free, no-obligation site survey may be arranged to help us better understand your system.

This will give us a very good idea of how we can solve your problem and it also gives us the chance to discuss your exact requirements in person.

Meeting Private Water Supply Regulations

We aim to have all water systems under our contract compliant with thePrivate Water Supply regulations 2009. In order to do this our trained domestic water engineer can service and offer advice about a wide range of filter systems.

The right system for YOU

At Prosep we do not like to just replace items that are broken like for like, we aim to find the reason why the system has failed and rectify the problem, we try our best to make sure you have clean water to drink all the year round.

One of our favourite sayings at Prosep is, "You cannot sell a man a good suit without first knowing his measurements."

We say this because we design our system from the ground up. Starting with a raw water analysis usually taken by us, which is tested in a UKAS accredited laboratory, the results show us what treatment is required to bring your supply up to regulation. If your water fails on anything we will design our system to correct it.

We can install the system for you or give advice as to how it should be fitted correctly if you feel confident enough to do it yourself. If local we would recommend that you have our engineer onsite to commission your system to ensure it has been set up correctly. Cost of this is minimal.

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Industrial Plumbing


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Agriculture & Farming

Camp Site

Camping & Outdoor Pursuits

Camp Site

Holiday Lets & Rental Properties

You want to be sure that you and your family have an uninterrupted supply of clean safe water all year round.

We can make sure that's the case. We can install the correct filtration, carry out risk assessments and arrange for UKAS-approved testing of samples.

If your supply is only used for one house, the 2009 Private Water Supply Regulations don't require you to have your water tested on a regular basis: these supplies are only sampled and risk assessed at the owner's or occupier's request. However, we would not recommend that you leave things to chance - over time systems can develop faults so it's worthwhile, if only for peace of mind, to have checks carried out on your water supply every 5 years or so.

If the source supplies more than one property then the shared supply must be risk assessed at least once every 5 years and must be tested at least once per year. The number of tests will depend on the water consumption.

We can provide a reliable and flexible service for a variety of businesses and ensure your supply will meet all the necessary requirements.

If your private water supply is used by the public for drinking, washing, food preparation, or may enter the human chain (eg via dairies, washing equipment etc), then you will be expected to meet stringent safety parameters.

Tests will also need to be carried out every five years.

This also includes bed and breakfast accommodation, holiday lets, pubs, dairies and food production premises and domestic supplies to more than 50 people.

It has been shown that using your own private water supply (eg boreholes, rivers, lakes or wells) you might be able to substantially reduce the running costs of your enterprise compared with using metered mains supplies.

We can install a supply from drilling the borehole to ensuring the supply meets all the necessary standards for private water supplies used on a commercial basis.

Naturally, we can provide the regular ongoing servicing that you'll need and arrange for the testing as necessary.

Camp sites and outdoor pursuit centres often rely on private water supplies to deliver water to their visitors and it's essential that the supply is both reliable and safe.

We'll ensure that this is the case and our service options will help you keep the supply safe all year round.

Camp site and outdoor pursuit centres are subject to the same rules and regulations that apply to commercial private water supplies and will need to be tested regularly: we can arrange for all the necessary tests with a UKAS-approved service.

Private water supplies to holiday lets and rental properties also have to meet the regulations set out for commercial use.

We can install a system that will be ideal for your particular circumstances and if you choose our ongoing service contract we will help you maintain a regular and safe supply for your visitors and residents.

If you're building a new property that relies on a private water supply or are restoring an old one that has been vacant for some time, we can help. Just give us a call and we can advise you about what you might need and also the category the project might fall under (eg domestic or commercial).

You may also be entitled to a reduction on VAT under a government scheme. Read more about the scheme at the official website (link leads to a new site).

Services include...


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We can install a full filtration system from scratch including filter and composite vessels, control valves and water softeners.


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If you're in the Yorkshire region we can offer prompt repairs to most types of private water systems, even if we haven't installed it.


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We aim to be on site within 24hrs for all our contract customers - we're just a phone call away!


Troiubleshooting Icon

Having problems with your water supply? Call us and we'll pay you a visit to see how we can help.


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We can service your system and replace any part as required. All private water supplies need a regular checkup in order to make sure they're safe.

Free site visit

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Prosep can come to your site and assess your requirements free of charge (dependent on location).
We can help you decide on the best solution for your situation - with no obligation.


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We work closely with experts in the field and can provide a complete service - from sinking boreholes to providing the filtered water.

Service Contract

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Our Service Contract gives you priority call out, discounted spares and peace of mind that your system is working at optimum efficiency with minimum risk of breakdown.

Service Options

Service IconOur Service Plan contract goes a long way to ensuring you have water clean and safe to drink all year round, we can predict what parts are likely to fail on the system and service/ replace these items at no extra cost to your service contract on our 6 monthly visits. Any extra work that can be done on site within reason will be done as a matter of course to keep your system running correctly. Only catastrophic breakdown of equipment is not covered. We are usually able to offer service exchange items which helps to bring the breakdown cost to a minimum.

Whilst we are able to supply complete systems and parts to all areas of the UK, it is not always practical to offer a Service Plan agreement for installation and maintenance to those of our customers who are situated a long way away. For this reason we offer a first class telephone backup where we can offer advice on all aspects of keeping your treatment system in top condition.

Get in touch with us and we'll see how we can help. It's helpful to send photographs by email or have an accurate description of the system and describe the system fault over the phone . This must be done before the visit and will save a considerable amount of time. For more information please go to the contact page.

Please provide pictures or a full description of all parts of your treatment equipment that they wish to be serviced. This will enable an estimate of service cost to be provided. If you're unsure of what to take pictures of, please call us first.

We offer a planned preventative maintenance program called Service -Plan. The first stage of this process is to carry out a full service of the existing equipment. This service is charged for and brings your equipment up to 100% full working order.

Service Plan is normally a 12-month agreement and provides up to two service visits during the 12 months. All predictable service required parts are changed, and all Service Plan users will get a 10% discount on all parts used during the time of the plan. This applies to breakdown parts not covered by Service Plan.

For UV installations the plan provides for an annual change of UV lamp and a change of the quartz sleeve each visit.

Preferential treatment is given to service contract customers as far as service/breakdown visits are concerned.

Weekend callouts are charged a flat rate for the first hour's time on site plus a charge per mile travelling. This is to be paid before work commences. Subsequent hours are charged at our weekend rate. Over 30 minutes into the hour is chargeable to a full hour. please call for pricing.

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Did you know..?

Filter systems need regular checkups - at least twice a year. If they’re not checked then their effectiveness and safety can often be compromised. If you’re in any doubt as to when you last had your filters serviced, please call us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Frequently Asked Question icon

Not sure what a private water supply is? Can't tell your borehole from your elbow? Or perhaps you'd like to know more about regulations? We're here to help.
Check out our FAQs page for more information.

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Did you know..?

If you're selling a property that relies on a private water supply, the potential buyer may be alerted to any problems that may exist. So if your supply doesn't comply with standards you may have difficulties in completing a sale.

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Save money!

Why not call us and find out how our services contract can help to save you money?
It's also been shown that businesses might benefit from switching from a metered mains supply to a private water supply: we can help advise you about that, too.

Based in Yorkshire - serving the country

We are based in Elland, West Yorkshire (between Huddersfield and Halifax, only 1 mile from J24 of the M62). Normally we work with clients within a 1-hour drive of our headquarters. However, we do have clients as far away as Scotland - so if you need something special, please get in touch and we'll see how we can help.