Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

Prosep Water Filtration Services - for all your water filtration requirements. The service division of Prosep Filter Systems

We use the best parts and don't skimp on service. All our products are tried and tested and are installed by our experienced and fully insured engineer."

You can be sure any installation or service is prompt - but we don't cut corners. We are as quick as any job allows but we won't compromise on quality either in terms of the standard of work or the quality of parts.

Installations by Prosep Filter services

Water filtration products: technical specs & information

As the services division of Prosep Filter Systems, we focus on the actual installation, maintenance and repair of water filtration systems (both our own and pre-installed). We do, however, use products which are stocked by our parent company because we know them and trust them.

These products are all available to purchase independently of our services should you require them (although we do not recommend installation by anyone other than a qualified engineer). Here is a selection of the items we use for the installation and repair of water filtration systems. For the full listing of all our filters and related products (including water and gas, air conditioning, fuel etc) please visit our parent site,

Our water filtration products are listed below. Accompanying PDF downloads contain further details and technical information.

Sediment Filter

Sediment filters are used for treating cloudy, dirty or highly turbid waters which may contain organic compounds, clays, iron and manganese.
If untreated, these particles can block plumbing systems, leave unsightly staining and may also contain toxic chemicals or bacteria.
Our sediment filters will remove these problems entirely.

Download Sediment Filter information here.

pH Correction

Water in which the pH is below 7 is acidic and has a corrosive nature which can accelerate corrosion in pipe work, cause staining of baths, sinks and other appliances and can give a distinctive 'metallic' taste to the water.
Copper is also deposited on fixtures and fittings leaving unsightly blue/green stains. Raising the pH will neutralise the water and so prevent these problems.

Download pH Correction Info here (PDF)

pH Plus Correction

This media is a highly reactive magnesium oxide salt and is used most effectively where the pH correction is substantial or the flow rate is high. If the pH is less than 6 a mix of PH Plus and standard media is ideal.
(NB if this media is added then the system must be a backwashing type as it can have a tendency to cement.)

Download pH Plus Correction info (PDF)

Iron & Manganese

Iron and manganese, commonly found in borehole water, can cause unsightly staining and, at high levels, can cause health problems.
Fortunately both can be removed to leave water crystal clear.
Some media will also remove the hardness which causes furring in boilers at the same time with no extra treatment.

Download Iron and Manganese info (PDF)

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange units are commonly used for reducing hardness in water and also for the reduction of Nitrates, Lead, Aluminium, Iron and Manganese. The exchange units are effective over a wider pH range than oxidising media.
Prosep Filter Services offer a wide range of ionic exchange media and are sure to find the right one for you.

Download Ion Exchange Info (PDF)

Water Softeners

Deposits caused by hard water are often unsightly and can interfere with the efficiency of appliances.
Just 1.6mm of scale build up will cause a 12% loss in heating efficiency in boiler water. Softened water also improves the effective use of detergents and soaps.
Our water softeners remove these minerals and eradicate these problems.

Download information about our Water Softener Units (PDF)

Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon is a specialist filter media used principally for dechlorination or removal
of organic compounds and colour in water. It will also remove other contaminants
at low level concentrations.
The benefits of carbon filtration are mainly the elimination of taste and odour and it is
sometimes used as a post treatment polishing filter.

Download Carbon Filter info (PDF)

UV Prefilter Kits

We are pleased to be able to introduce to our product range these prefilter kits that are ideal for use as prefilter units for domestic UV installations. The units may be supplied just as a housing installation or complete with a choice of filter cartridge to make the kit complete. All housing kits include the filter housing, wall mounting bracket and bowl spanner.

Download UV Prefilter Kit information here.

UV Disinfection - Domestic Use

UV disinfection technology is used to ensure water is free from bacteria without the use of chlorine or other unpleasant chemicals, eliminating the risk of overdosing or imparting bad taste. Our SS range of UV systems are made from quality components and are highly effective.

Download SE Ultra Violet Systems for Domestic Use info here (PDF)

UV Disinfection - Multiple Dwelling & Commercial

For commercial use we recommend SS range of ultra violet systems. Featuring an efficient design and high quality components, the running costs are extremely low.

Download SS Ultra Violet Systems info here (PDF)

A selection of the high quality products we stock

Water treatment package
Water treatment package

A typical water treatment package showing the vessel that contains the treatment media.

Automatic backwash valve
Automatic backwash valve

Automatic backwash valve. This valve controls the flow of water through the vessel. It is mounted on top of the vessel.

Pleated filter cartridge typically used for prefiltration on UV installations

Pleated filter cartridge typically used for prefiltration on UV installations.

Filter housing
UV prefilter
Filter housing typically used as a UV prefilter

Filter housing typically used as a UV prefilter

Type SE  domestic
UV unit
Type SE  domestic UV unit

Type SE  domestic UV unit.

UV lamps and quartz sleeve spares
UV lamps and quartz sleeve spares

We carry a stock of UV lamps and quartz sleeve spares.

and top up
Replacement and top up media

Replacement and top up media for pH , iron and manganese removal, sediment removal, softening, ion exchange.

A see through filter

For particulate removal allowing you to see the dirt build up.

Carbon filter cartridge

Used for whole house filtration on chlorine reduction.

Spun bond polypropylene filter

A low cost disposable filter used for particle removal

Do you need other filtration products?

For other filtration requirements, the main Prosep Filter Systems site,, is your one stop shop for all process filtration, separation & hydrocarbon products. We stock & supply a wide range of filtration products from many of the industry leading manufacturers including: Parker Filtration Division, Hayward Industrial Products, Aqua & many more.